The founder Chen Fu-ji has nearly a century of ceramic craftsmanship background since his grandmother ran a kiln factory and his father inherited Japanese bowling master – Gamoto Shozaburo. He officially founded the domestic tile brand–Sanyo Tile Group (STG) in 1971, then founded the European brand “San Marino” in 1997.

At the beginning, STG specialized in producing tiles in size 10.9×10.9cm and “mosaic”, becoming the top brand of ceramic wall tiles in Taiwan at that time. Later, introduce rapid fire kilns and digital inkjet machines from Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries. Furthermore, increase equipment and kiln lines to produce various household tiles such as floor tiles, quartz tiles and exterior wall tiles so that expand new field of ceramics. So far, STG has become one of key tile brands in Taiwan with complete production lines.

Sanyo Pottery & Porcelain Ind. Co., Ltd. never stops progressing. In order to face the impact of declining industries, STG strives to transform and innovate. Polish the technology of making kilns. Act for well-known foreign tile brands. Emphasize both quality and design. By these practice, STG is able to enter international market and create an exquisite tile fashion brand.

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